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Chor Salamanca


Chor der päpstlichen Universität Salamanca


Leitung (seid 2013): Francisco José Udaondo Puerto

"Tomas Luis de Victoria" Choir originated in 1973 as an initiative of a group of students of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, who, driven by their love of music, founded a small choral group. The choir has offered concerts throughout Spain and in many European countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia It is important to highlight the three American tours (two in the USA and one in Argentina) and the three visits to Japan, under the direct invitation of their Emperors, in whose imperial palace the Choir has offered three private concerts. One of the most endearing moments in the history of the group has been the reception by John Paul II. Last summer, Pope Francis addressed some affectionate and complimentary words to the Choir after his performance in the Audience Hall of the Vatican City.

The choir is composed of some forty people from different geographical origins and from different professional fields, linked, in one way or another, to the academic framework. In these moments, the choir faces a new and promising stage full of challenges and musical projects, with the aim of providing its members with an environment in which to develop as people, as friends, learning and practicing choral singing. In short, a group of great human warmth, working for the musical quality manifested in the various concerts and recitals offered throughout the year.

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